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    Hiding parent categories to drive use of child categories

    Chris Troyer
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      Greetings Remedyforce disciples,


      Our organization is new to Remedyforce and we are adjusting to its categorization format. We came from a three-tier structure of Service > Category > Subcategory and are utilizing a two-tier structure of parent category > child category in Remedyforce. Here is a screenshot example of our structure.



      We utilize the parent categories as a Service level grouping mechanism while the child categories are specific. My challenge has been staff selecting the generic parent categories on some of their tickets rather than the accurate child category, e.g. using Communications instead of Mobile Device E-mail Setup. With help from our excellent relationship manager Ryan Montesano I have put a validation rule in place which does not allow staff to save a record with a parent category selected.


      Here is the formula if anyone is interested: (BMCServiceDesk__FKCategory__r.BMCServiceDesk__HasChildren__c >= 1 && NOT(ISBLANK( BMCServiceDesk__FKCategory__c ))


      This is 100% effective at not allowing a parent category to be saved, but the complaint I have heard from staff is that if they are typing in the Category field it isn't readily apparent which are parent and child categories. For example, in the screenshot below Software Services and Software Patches/Upgrades are parent categories while the rest are children.



      This can lead them to mistakenly select a parent, then go to save the record, receive the validation error, then have to go back and change the category. This may not seem like a big deal but it can be frustrating for them.


      This leads me to two questions:

      1. Is there a way to hide the parent categories from the autocomplete options? I'm doubtful on this.

      2. Do you allow staff to select parent categories in your environment or how do you handle them?


      Thank you for any insight you can provide!

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          Supriya Ashtekar

          Hi Chris,


          Both parent and child categories must be displayed in Self Service to successfully create the category tree.

          • If the Display in Self Service check box is selected for child categories of a category, you cannot clear this check box for the parent category.
          • If you select the Display in Self Service check box for a category and save the category, this check box is automatically selected for the parent categories of the category.


          Please refer following documentation link for more details

          Managing categories - Documentation for BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.19.02 - BMC Documentation


          Also you can vote for the idea for Self service Category view from below mentioned link

          Self Service child Categories view




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            Neena Ahirrao Guha

            Hi Chris Troyer


            If you are ok with not showing the parent categories in any record then you can somehow achieve this.

            1. make the parent categories unavailable for modules from RF Admin

            2. In your record form when you type the text it will then always show you the child categories


            And if you do not want to hide the Parent categories then i think for auto-populate option to show it like a tree structure which we show it in our Self Service 3 (below screen shot), please raise an idea.




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              kedar zavar

              One of the ways to make it easy with type ahead option would be to name categories like, you can also put validation rule using this to check for - in every category for staff.


              This will make it easy to type swell as  reporting


              Act Mgt- Change Access

              Audit - External

              Audit - Internal

              Audit - NCUA

              Add modify - Comm - Call recording

                                   Comm - Cisco phone




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                Chris Troyer

                Hi Neena Ahirrao Guha,


                I have tried your suggestion and removed the Parent Categories from the Incident and Service Request modules.



                • Parent Categories are hidden from the auto-populate suggestions in the console, but still appear in the file structure when clicking on the magnifying glass to select a category which is helpful for organization.
                • Parent Categories still appear in Self Service 3.0 to help organize the selections.



                • If you use have an Input on a Request Definition which prompts for Category, the lookup selection does not display any categories because the Parent Categories are not associated with Service Request. Staff effectively cannot select a Category to complete the Request Detail.
                • If a Self Service user selects a Parent Category they receive the message "Error: The selected category is not available for this module. Please select another category." This is somewhat vague and it is not immediately clear that they need to select a child category. At this time I have chosen to remove Category from the Incident submission form to avoid this confusion.


                Right now I think the positives outweigh the negatives and we will continue with this configuration. Ultimately I think your suggestion to implement the Self Service 3.0 tree structure for auto-completes in the console would be the best solution, as we would not have to disable the Parent Categories for Incident and Service Request and we could rely on a validation rule instead. Here is a link to the idea for this to be implemented: Make console Category tree just like Self Service Categories


                Thank you all for your input!

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                  Neena Ahirrao Guha

                  Hi Chris Troyer


                  Its good to hear that somehow your use case is resolved not fully though.


                  Yeah even if you hide parent categories those are still shown in the lookup pop-up which is intentionally done to get the idea of Parent-Child structure however user will not able to save the record with parent categories and yes as you mentioned other cons are also there. Implementing the idea would address these cons too. Hope to get highest votes for this idea soon n so get implemented soon.