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    Migration to Truesight from BPPM9.6

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      Hi Team,


      We need to Migrate our environment from BPPM 9.6 to Truesight.


      Please let me know the procedure/details to how can we start, how can we backup existing data, what are the pre-requisites to migrate.

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          Greg Michael

          Search the knowledgebase for the AMIGO request process.

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            Betty Neumann

            The AMIGO program consists of a Starter Phase and a Review Phase.  Each phase is initiated by opening a support case and ends when the case is closed.

            In the Starter Phase, an AMIGO Starter case is opened.  Reference material will be provided and a call with a Technical Support Analyst will take place to discuss the details of your upgrade and address any questions you may have.  The AMIGO Starter case will be closed, and the next step will be for you to prepare a documented upgrade plan.


            In the Review Phase, an AMIGO Review case is opened preferably two weeks prior to a set upgrade date.  A call will be scheduled with an upgrade expert to review your detailed plan, providing feedback and recommendations, along with answers to any outstanding questions.  As needed, a follow up discussion with a Technical Support Analyst may take place for feedback after the upgrade is performed.


            The AMIGO program includes:
            » A “Question and Answer” session before you upgrade
            » A review of your upgrade plan with Customer Support
            » An upgrade checklist
            » Helpful tips and tricks for upgrade success from previous customer upgrades
            » A follow-up session with Customer Support to let them know how it went. This will help BMC to enhance the process.


            To get started, please review the details here:


            Then open a BMC Support issue containing your environment information (product, version, OS, etc.) and the planned date of the installation, if known. We will contact you promptly, and work with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome.

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