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    SNMP Issue With Device

    James Yant
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      We're having issues with scanning two SNMP managed devices. We've confirmed the community string is correct for the devices as well as confirmed firewall rules allow communication but the devices are even failing credential tests. The strange thing is that I can run an snmpWalk or snmpGet when logged into one of the nodes and OIDs are quickly returned. The failures are only happening with Discovery scans and credential tests from the UI. Has anyone seen behavior like this or know of a way to diagnose this issue?

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          Brian Morris

          What is the result you get back when you scan the device? If you go to that discovery access record, do the discovery methods succeed or so some fail?


          If you're sure the access is good and you can connect, can you try increasing your SNMP timeout setting? I've had to increase some to 20-30 seconds for some very large storage devices before. Usually 5-10 seconds does it for network devices. Try increasing it 3-5 seconds at a time (it's in the settings for your credential) and see if you have better results. When I increase this setting I usually decrease retries to 1 until I've found the right setting. You can also try disabling GetBulk in the credential setting, as this doesn't work for all devices.


          Documentation details here: Adding device credentials - Documentation for BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation


          What type of device is it and what version of SNMP are you using? Some devices need some configuration to allow SNMP v3 access. Here some details: Discovering SNMP devices - Documentation for BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation


          Lastly, you can check configipedia to make sure your device is on the supported device list for the TKU you have installed.


          Hope this helps!

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            James Yant

            When attempting a Discovery run, the resulting access summary show the "getDeviceInfo" function returning "No sysname" and the access itself ending with a result of "Skipped (Device is an unsupported device)". The devices in question are Digi International Serial Terminal Servers. We have many of them in our environment and all are currently successfully scanning with the exception of these two.


            As far as the credential goes: It isn't clear why I can run an snmpWalk from an SSH session on the Discovery node and get OIDs returned but when running a credential test via the GUI, I get SNMP timeouts. I've tried increasing the timeouts in the credential and turning off GetBulk but the problem remains. I'm wondering if the devices simply need to be restarted?