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    Re: How to look up details about a defect?

    Vern Meyer
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      Sonia Agarwal wrote:


      Thank you Vern Meyer for your quick reply. The link you provided has list of defects that are fixed in 20.19.01 or 20.19.02 release. I am looking for a list of issues that are known but not fixed yet.


      I was a little confused by what you saw, so I went and looked again. You're right, the "known and corrected issues" is ONLY the corrected issues and not the known issues. Per the title, known issues are supposed to be on this list as well.


      So per these release notes, there are no known defects in 20.19.02. I think we know this isn't true, and it looks to be an oversight.


      Nicolas Roome Are you aware of any changes to how BMC handles the "Known and corrected issues" page? It looks to only contain corrected issues.


      Sonia Agarwal wrote:

      Also, how I look up any issue details using DRZNZ-**** number?


      Once this list is corrected, you should be able to use the "Defect ID" field for this search:



      And well, the example in the screenshot is confusing now that i look at it. It was corrected in 20.18.03 and yet 20.19.02 is affected? So does that mean it's currently an issue?