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    Track-it 20.19.02- help desk view open date & time incorrect

    Tasha Helton
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      We recently implemented Trackit 20.19.02 and I am seeing some weird behavior. When a ticket is open through our email or self-service it timestamps the open ticket in the "view" when looking at tickets. If you look at the audit trail for a ticket under "SYSTEM" it shows the correct date. We have even had this date go into the expected due date field within a ticket preventing it from closing. I was able to adjust that by changing the priority and saving the ticket. However, the view (see attached) still shows an open date of 1/18/1970 or 12/31/1969 even though the open call audit says for example 9/24/2019 at 1:09 pm.


      I have met with support multiple times looking at the work schedule and holidays (making multiple modifications) and nothing seems to make it completely go away. We are not sure why it is showing this but I have about 121 ticket as of 8/26/2019 (we went live) that show these dates. What is even weirder is when I tested this in our TEST environment I never saw this behavior. Anyone else see anything like this?


      Any ideas?


      Tasha Helton, CSM

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      Tacoma Public Schools, Central Administration Building
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