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    APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN throws error when using Auto Generate Field Records

    Peter Lundqvist
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      I seem to have forgotten how to use this over the summer.


      When I create a new entry in APL:RestfulVendorForms and try to use Auto Generate Field Records

      • Put in the Sample URL
      • Keep POST as Sample Method
      • Put a working request body in Samble Body
      • Klick Genereate

      I get an error saying

      The issue here is that the URL used does not redirect (true for both proper/malformed queries).


      I see nothing in the API-logs and the arjavaplugin.log mostly seems to contain this:

      <APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN>getListEntryWithFields() on pluginFunctions


      ENTRYID: getEntryIdListFromKey after Entry.splitEntryId(400000000000003, utf-8)

      ENTRYID: splited: 400000000000003

      ENTRYID: after plugin.getListEntryWithFields() returned from plug-in APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN;  List<Entry>

      ENTRYID: 400000000000003

      ENTRYID: from rpc split entryId byte[] revert back to String: 400000000000003^@


      Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?