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    Virtual Planner -- Vmware cluster -- new hardware sizing effort

    Steve Lake
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      Use case. I am wanting to take a VMware cluster
      with 14 hosts with hardware type A and determine how may hosts are needed if we
      move to hardware B with a specific utilization for the new cluster. Current
      cluster is running at 80% cpu and 80% memory. New cluster with new hardware
      should be around 50% used

      Is virtual planner the correct tool and what Study type would I use or is there
      something else I should use?

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          Steffen Gruebler

          Use the Decommission Hosts study type.


          1. Select the hosts from that cluster under Target Virtual Hosts. You can also specify the respective cluster in the Target Filter.

          Assignment Action for Existing Guests should be "Move all for this study".


          2. Next step is to only Create New Virtual Hosts. Change the CPU Model to fit to your purpose.

          "Use Existing Virtual Targets" option should not be checked.

          Under Advanced options, set "Host CPU Utilization Threshold" and "Host Memory Utilization Threshold".


          3. Next page shows you a summary report. Look for the number of Physical hosts.


          Hope this helps,