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    Displaying Events in a View in TSCO 11.5

    Monica Sowers
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      We are trying to display events in the performance metric charts in our Views in TSCO 11.5. In TSCO 10.7, we were able to display events by including them in the analysis, but they do not show up in the Views in 11.5. We were able to find a workaround using charts based on data marts to display events, but it's not a very clean solution, as we can either make the events show up as a dot, or as a bunch of bars on the graph (one for each system). Also, if the event does not fall at the exact same time as a time that we are collecting performance data (i.e. on the hour for hourly data), the hover text shows the wrong event time and  the chart leaves holes in the performance data. Does anyone have a better solution for showing events?


      TSCO 10.7 Chart with Events:


      TSCO 11.5 Chart with Events:

      - There are 3 events shown in this chart, but it's difficult to see them unless your mouse is hovered over them.

      - Also notice the hole in the data on Sept 11 at 9 - 10 am. This is because the event happened at 9:30 am, and this is hourly data (the event hover text seems to display the time to the nearest hour).