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    Displaying a Threshold in a View in TSCO 11.5

    Monica Sowers
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      Has anyone found a good solution for displaying thresholds for performance metric charts in their Views in TSCO 11.5? We are creating Views based on SQL data marts, and we can add a threshold line in the SQL (i.e. 90% for a CPU chart), but it's not obvious that the line represents a threshold. In the 10.7 version, we could display threshold as a red line with the area above it shaded in pink, but in 11.5, we can only add a line that is a random different color in every chart.


      TSCO 10.7 View:


      TSCO 11.5 View:

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          Mike West



          You can create an Analysis that displays either a horizontal line, a horizontal threshold or an optimizer threshold and save that Analysis as an Analysis Template in order to re-use the template in the following TSCO views:


          • System Detail
          • System Data Explorer
          • System Group Data Explorer


          At the time of writing this post, only the horizontal line is working as expected and this has been raised to development team in order to fix both the horizontal threshold and optimizer threshold settings.  Time frame for fixing the issue is pending, but we are tracking the issue using the following record:


          • DRCOZ-23315: TSPS data explorer views: Horizontal threshold configured in Analysis template is not displayed in the charts”


          Once fixed, the ideal solution you would use is the horizontal threshold since the horizontal line doesn't show threshold violations using the shaded red area even though it does provide a consistent red color for the line that you can easily distinguish in other charts as well.  The last option to use optimizer threshold setting has an advantages of using system wide threshold settings and shows well in the System Detail and System Data Explorer, but it will crowd the legend with many threshold lines since the thresholds are applied on per entity basis.


          I have attached a screenshot on how to set these options and an example of how the horizontal line setting looks today.  You can configure now the horizontal line and provide same setting for horizontal threshold and once the horizontal threshold is fixed you can apply the patch and would not have to change your settings again unless you want to remove the horizontal line later.




          Mike West


          Setting Options:




          Graph Showing Horizontal Line: