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    REST event query

    Peter Lundqvist
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      Hi there,


      We have experienced a lot of issues with Remedy and TrueSight being out of sync regarding outages (SDIG wasn't feeling well).

      To catch these issues earlier I want to monitor the outage status in both systems and currently I am using this query:

      Post body:
       "totalResultCount": "3",
       "slotList": [
       "sortCriteria": [
       "sortOrder": 1,
       "attributeName": "date_reception"
       "criteria": { 
          "groupingOperator": "AND", 
          "leftExpression": { 
            "value": "SM_OUTAGE", 
            "identifier": "CLASS", 
            "operator": "EQUALS" 
          "rightExpression": { 
            "value": "OPEN", 
            "identifier": "status", 
            "operator": "NOT_EQUALS" 


      I initially only wanted status, but then I saw status_outage and saw that they can be different.


      I am fearing this is a really dumb question (I am a n00b), but here goes:

      What does it mean when the status is OPEN but the status_outage is closed? I think it means that we've received an end of outage event, but the event is not closed in the UI yet.

      If so, why isn't the event closed when the outage is completed?