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    HPE Synergy 12000

    Lars Vissing
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      Are we the only ones around here who miss discovery of HPE Synergy 12000 frames?


      HPE Synergy 12000 Frame

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          Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

          You may want to describe how these devices are important for your business.

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            Lars Vissing

            Sorry... this one went under the radar.


            For Cisco UCS Blade enclosures we are able to see how they are implemented in terms of:

            - We can see which physical server are in the different slots.

            - We can see the "Fabric Interconnect" Switch / SANSwitch. That way we can see how the bladed enclosures are grouped in PODs.

            So there is a lot of knowledge to be gained. Knowledge otherwise needed to be maintained manually.


            Now that we start having HPE in stead we would like to - if possible - get similar information about them.