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    Detect Relay in same network

    Lionel ROCHA
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      I would like to add more relays.

      Sub-networks are mainly made up of independent networks (behind the Internet).

      Each sub-network consists of a server and a few workstations. So I imagine defining each server as a potential relay.


      Since the network discovery module is no longer maintained, and auto-discovery does not allow to discover the lan network in search of relays (the scanned ip of the client is the WAN ip, then the scan becomes inoperative, because it should be based on the LAN ip), is there another method that would allow a client to find his relay in discovery mode?


      Enabling the DHCP option could be a solution but it forces me to manually add an option on 700 servers, which is not possible.


      Thank you.

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          Julien Devienne

          Lionel ROCHA,


          The asset discovery module is still maintained, not sure what you mean here.


          The auto-discovery module, on another hand, is kind of deprecated because the new mechanism of relays selection we have introduced for several years are supposed to be much more efficient.


          I'm sure you already know it, but it is actually possible to deploy a new dhcp option by script, but it depends of the level of access you have at your customers sites, e.G How to set DHCP scope lease time through netsh? – Ananth Anto's Blog.


          I think that the relay list cannot be set up in your environment, because I suspect a lot of your customers have the same ip range, if not it could be a solution.


          If you have access to the dns server on site, you could set a dns alias and have all the devices configured to use this dns alias as the parent name. This way you could either use a regular parent name without the hassle of setting a dhcp option. We have several customers who proceed this way.


          Do not hesitate to open a case and we will discuss your options by phone, it'll be easier with the exact context.





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            Lionel ROCHA

            Thank you Julien,

            I will created idea on this module to add ip scan with local ip and not the wan ip.