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    Customized Query

    Hitesh Jha
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      Hello Experts,


      I am working on the query to extract scheduled scans that have failed to scan ANY devices and are not associated to any undestroyed hosts.


      search DiscoveryAccess where not _last_interesting and not inferred_kind traverse Member:List:List:DiscoveryRun as dr_exclude

      search DiscoveryRun as dr_include where scan_type = "Scheduled" and nodecount(traverse List:List:Member:DiscoveryAccess where _last_interesting) = 0

      search in (dr_include - dr_exclude) where nodecount(traverse List:List:Member:DiscoveryAccess where not result = "NoResponse") = 0

      show valid_ranges, label, #List:List:Member:DiscoveryAccess.result


      It's almost worked for many scheduled scans.




      But failed in few scheduled scanned as below.

      Any help where I have done wrong?