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    Regarding Helix ITSM : Custom Forms

    Sanket Mhatre
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      I have a question about Helix ITSM. I had gone through the free trial of Helix ITSM on bmc.com. As I understand it's more or less Smart IT on cloud , which could be hosted on bmc cloud or AWS or Azure.


      However , If someone got custom ARS forms in their on premise setup , and mostly administrators use the custom forms , but Support agents works on Smart IT, then how one can access custom forms?


      When someone gets Helix ITSM on cloud, does people also get Mid-tiers using which one can access custom forms ?



      Sanket Mhatre

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          Anne Brock

          Helix ITSM includes the mid-tier forms as well as Smart IT and DWP. However, the trial site doesn't give access to the mid-tier forms.


          You can run custom applications on the Helix platform; however people using those apps need an ITSM license of some kind, not just an AR License. Or you can keep custom apps on premise and use ITSM in Helix.

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