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    BMC Helix ITSM 19.08 & Remedy ITSM 19.08

    Sanket Mhatre
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      I was researching some information about Helix. For example, I can see Helix free trial etc on bmc.com.. that sounds good, but resources available over internet doesn't answer many questions.


      I will start with very basic questions, and those can be silly questions; but perhaps these questions might help some other silly people like I am (if exists).


      If you open documentation about Helix : BMC Helix documentation - Documentation for BMC Helix documentation - BMC Documentation , you can see below information.


      However, As I understand Helix was supposed to be something as below .


      Now the question is , Remedy ITSM or Smart IT in my first screenshot are on premise things right ? and  It's not BMC's Helix offering ? For example, in Helix I can get Helix ITSM which will be on cloud , but on premise Remedy ITSM 19.08 is not a Helix offering ? if not then why it's been categorized under BMC Helix ITSM , since we are curious about Helix and not the on premise products on which we are working  for past several years.