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    Missing Serial number

    Savita G
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      We have around few servers for which ADDM is not able to fetch serial number. All these servers are VM's (Unix RHEL, Solaris )

      But these servers has serial number in them . By seeing session logs we are not able to get much information .


      getHostInfo script is successfully executed on these servers . But serial number is set to "NOT SET" in ADDM.


      We are using ADDM and  April 2019 TKU

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          Andrew Waters

          Have you given Discovery sufficient permission to get the value?


          You are going to have to be more specific to get specific help. What are you seeing in the session logs?

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            Savita G

            Yes , the discovery is given sufficient permission required . We are able to see serial number for many servers apart from few


            In session logs , I dont see the below command dmidecode that has executed from ADDM on the servers that has issue .


            (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/dmidecode \"\"

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              Andrew Waters

              How have you determined that?


              The system builds a function which is executed so the individual command will not appear interspersed in the results.


              Presumably, if not using a privileged command, you have defined PRIV_DMIDECODE to use sudo. What happens if you run dmidecode on the machine?

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                Lisa Keeler

                We have KA: 000122292 about this common problem.


                ADDM / Discovery is not discovering UUID or serial number for Linux or Unix servers


                The KA mentions specific OS, but it contains general information for Linux/Unix servers.

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                  Cory Garcia



                  This seems to have fixed 2 issue's for me as well - so glad I monitor the community


                  Issue 1 resolved:  Serno Missing for Most Linux (getting it for Unix)


                  Issue 2 resolved: Missing Physical Memory for Linux - I was just about to start playing with a script I found on the community but this change resolved the missing memory issue as well.


                  Question: Why was this change not just implemented in a TKU?

                  note: I ask because I am currently monitoring but have found no adverse affects from this change - want to make sure I am covering my bases.


                  Thanks for your constant monitoring of the community and thanks BMC Discovery team and Peers for supporting our community (its nice to fix issues before they are even reported by my users )

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                    Lisa Keeler

                    Hi Cory,


                    I assume that you edited the "init" script to add "sudo" like this, per the KA:


                    # dmidecode requires superuser privileges to read data from the system BIOS

                    /usr/bin/sudo "$@"


                    # hwinfo requires superuser privileges to read data from the system BIOS
                    /usr/bin/sudo "$@"


                    The "init" script is designed to be edited by the customer to meet the requirements of their environment to utilize sudo as desired.


                    I doubt that the TKU will ever be updated to use sudo by default.  Customer must take action to use sudo.



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