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    Broadcast Failed for items assigned to Administrator

    Jon Trotter
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      I am one of three people that have been asked to manage TrueSight Smart Reporting and when logging in, there are a number of administrative tasks listed and reviewing them it appears that they are reports that have been scheduled and ones that are scheduled. The status shows Broadcast failed even for the future ones. I have identified the report and can modify it, but cannot take ownership, which I read in a KA old/retired IDs can cause similar issues. The person who created this report is still employed and in the system, so it should not have anything to do with that, but other than deleting or taking ownership of the broadcast, I don't know what else can be done with this apparently scheduled report. Is there another section of the application where report schedules are managed because I have not seen it so far and I have Admin rights in the application. Is it owner-based, meaning only the owner can manage the "broadcast" of this report? Surely admin accounts would be able to manage everything in the event someone who schedules a report leaves. Or is there an admin account that may have been used to create this? It seems as though it is user created. Sorry for these basic questions, but I don't think things like this are in the docs and I have checked support pages and don't see anything other than a user who has been removed.