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    Track-iT 2019 R3 Domain Users Imports strips part of domain

    Peter Gajdek
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      we are in process of setting up 2019 R3 trackit so we can migrate off version 11.   After we fixed the domain users (directory imports) i've discovered that our current domain isn't properly injected as windows logon information inside _SMDBA_._CUSTOMER_ table in WINUSERID Column.   our domain is in format of "DOMAIN.COM\USERID" but the after import we end up with "DOMAIN\USERID"  (missing the .COM) as windows logon and users can't login.   After fixing in SQL Tables next import overwrites it.


      I know our domain name isn't setup peroperly.. that was done before I started and I can't change it..


      Is there anything I can do to fix this?