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        Bhanu Prakash Badiginchala

        Restart all components (Windows):


        1. Log on to the Control-M Server.
        2. Open CMD.
        3. Type ctm_menu.
        4. Select option for 'Control-M Manager'
        5. There you have options for 'Stop All' & 'Start All' (to stop & start 'Control-M Server' & 'Control-M Server Configuration Agent')
        6. Before & After that you can also use 'Check All' to check the status.


        Similar utilities to stop & start each component directly:



        Shuts down the Control-M/Server Configuration Agent.


        Shuts down Control-M/Server and its processes.


        Starts up the Control-M/Server Configuration Agent.


        Starts up Control-M/Server.

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          Keyur Patel



          Depend on OS, if windows and if you want only Control-M server services restart, follow Bhanu's post


          if you want Control-M EM services, then I would advise you to select EM component from CCM and mark them down state, then stop EM services from window services console, Start services again from windows services console, go back to CCM and change status to UP



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