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    Integrating EUEM with App Visibility in 11.3

    Roberto Barnes
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      We would like to integrate EUEM with App Visibility, we read "Integrating end-user experience monitoring with deep-dive application diagnostics" in the TrueSight Applications Management 11.3 documentation. This document states that App Visibility agent policies have to be modified for this to work, thus:


      For the java agent policy change euem.httpresponse.tagging to entry.

      For the .Net agent policy modify the "hidden" property EuemIntegration.Enabled to true.


      We need to understand what impact these changes have. A few years ago, our local BMC support activated the APM Proxy using the App Visibility agent policies to insert the required javascripts into the HTTP transactions...since we have a large SOA, i.e., HTTP SOAP WebService, deployment, adding the javascripts into the internal SOAP transactions lead to SOA application failure. That is, the SOA transactions wouldn't work, apparently since the App Vibility agents were adding javascripts in internal transactions, the SOAP transactions would go through.


      So, that is why we need to understand the result of adding these changes into the euem.httpresponse.tagging and EuemIntegration.Enabled properties, to make sure these will not add overhead into the SOAP transactions and again lead to application failure.