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    KM Apache Tomcat and Generic Javer Server reports error on TSIM

    Robert Pidde
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      Hi community,


      We installed the KM Apache Tomcat and Generic Javer Server on the TSIM and activated jmx-remote. After switching on the policy, the following error occurred every second:

      "PatrolAgent-E-EUSER: Invalid username/password for command of type 'OS' for instance 'GJS_MAIN.GenericJVM' -- command not executed"
      "GJS_MAIN.GenericJVM.ChannelListener:[startListenSingleton] Java collector is down, start it up for:GenericJVM
      GJS_MAIN.GenericJVM.ConfigurationManager:[configurationManager] envStateMachine - 1.000000 - Channel not open yet"

      When we activate the knowledge module for tomcat it returns similar errors. How can we fix them?

      Kind Regards,