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    Workflow to set status to Assigned when staff "takes" an Incident

    Cristy Castano
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      I cannot seem to get the logic right on this workflow.  What I need is for the status to change to assigned when the staff assigns the incident to themselves.  The status does not change as expected.  Please note that the incident's OPEN status, in this case, is NEW.  What am I doing wrong?!  And yes, the field update is calling the correct Template name.



      ISCHANGED(BMCServiceDesk__FKOpenBy__c),NOT (ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKOpenBy__c)),

      BMCServiceDesk__Status_ID__c = "NEW",

      $User.Id = BMCServiceDesk__FKOpenBy__r.Id, ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKOpenBy__c))