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    TPL working partially

    Vishnu Parihar
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      Greeting !


      I am working on a custom TPL and trying to read the data from Unix box present in a directory in abc.rtx file.

      TPL is working almost 90%. This is not working for a particular attribute. Example given below:


          if Room <> "" then

                Room := text.upper(Room);

                //log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: Room = %Room%");

                     if Room <> "" and Room matches 'VIRTUAL' then

                          log.debug("Unix_SoftData: Enter valid Room, Room found as %Room%");

                          Room := "Not valid Room";


                          Room := Room;

                          log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: Room = %Room%");

                     end if;


                     Room := "Unknown";


                     log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: Room not found");

           end if;


      Above mentioned code in not working.



      But if could see the code mentioned below....working fine, I am not able to troubleshoot it.


          if RackLocation <> "" then

                RackLocation := text.upper(RackLocation);

                //log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: RackLocation = %RackLocation%");

                     if RackLocation <> "" and RackLocation matches 'VIRTUAL' then

                          log.debug("Unix_SoftData: Enter valid RackLocation, RackLocation found as %RackLocation%");

                          RackLocation := "Not valid RackLocation";


                          RackLocation := RackLocation;

                          log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: RackLocation = %RackLocation%");

                     end if;


                RackLocation := "Unknown";


                log.debug ("Unix_SoftData: RackLocation not found");

           end if;


      For the hint I also mentioned the snap of data present in Unix file abc.rxt. -



      Output of TPL:

          5815ms: Unix_SoftData: Room not found

           5815ms: Unix_SoftData: Enter valid RackLocation, RackLocation found as Virtual


      why Room is not reading data from file ?