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    Radio buttons in innovation suite

    Ritesh Bhatt
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      Can you please help with the Radio button in Innovation Suite.


      How to arrange then in Horizontal or vertical alignment.

      How to enable/disable the other components based on the radio button actions.




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          Laurent Matheo



          You can display dropdown values as radio buttons in the dropdown properties:

          2019-09-23 09_33_24-View Designer - Innovation Studio.png


          You cannot rearrange the radio buttons in a horizontal or vertical alignment yourself. This might actually be a good idea to implement, you can raise an idea here:



          As to use the value to hide or show a component you can use the "Hidden" property of a component:

          2019-09-23 09_34_41-View Designer - Innovation Studio.png


          If a component does not have this "Hidden" property or leaves some artefacts (like a border), use a Container component. Put inside the Component you want to hide and use the Container "Hidden" property.

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