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    Creating a validation rule which only applies to the Console and not Self Service

    Chris Troyer
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      Is it possible to create a validation rule which is only enforced when dealing with an Incident record in the Remedyforce Console and not when submitting an Incident on the self service portal?


      Use Case: I would like to require the Configuration Item / Asset lookup field to be required when the Category is set to Computer Issue, effectively requiring technicians to link an affected asset. However, with such a validation rule in effect, self service portal users who select Computer Issue as their Category receive the validation error because the Config Item / Asset field isn't on the form and therefore they can't satisfy the validation rule. I don't particularly want to put the Config Item / Asset field on the SS portal form because all the items in our CMDB would make it a bit overwhelming and we would often have incorrect assets linked.


      Is there criteria I can add to the validation rule so that it recognizes when the record is being created/edited from the RF Console versus the SS portal so it only applies against the console?


      Thank you for any help you can provide!