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    How to display Application Integrator runtime parameter value in notification?

    Rick Westbrock
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      I wrote a custom REST job type in App Integrator where I parse several values out of the inital response and the verification response into runtime parameters, one example being the run ID number returned by the remote system (which is saved as the RUNID runtime parameter). In the web UI the Variables tab for this job shows the value of this parameter as %%RUN-UCM-RUNID (see image below) but when I use that variable syntax in an e-mail notification I get back CTMERRRUN-UCM-RUNID. I had initially tried using %%RUNID but that returned the same error.



      I was unable to find any documentation about this so has anyone else successfully displayed the value of a runtime parameter in a notification? I wanted to show the user who ordered the job as well but %%BSM_ORDERED_BY returns an error also.