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    DWP Catalog Workflow - Create Entry and Receive Task

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everybody,



      If we want to use e.g. Create Incident element and send immediately either ServiceCI, or there is another requirement where the OOTB Create elements are missing something we can use Create Entry. However using this element has a big disadvantage.


      Even when Ticket is created the Service Request is immediately closed. There is no functionality for status tracking or using Receive Task. The entry in stud form is created but missing several data. Even when I tried to put the missing data in the form the behavior was the same.


      Is there any tip/trick or workaround how to use Create Entry to create a ticket and still have the functionality of following the ticket status in service request ?


      Tony Chung, John Gallagher guys extra ping on you


      Thanks a lot


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          Marek Ceizel

          I have some news.


          1) Using the Create Entry and mapping the correlation ID you get an entry in stub form. but the entry is not fully filled and contains only request id.

          2) the Service Request doesn't go immediately to closed if you use the Receive task element. This one is not required anymore from 19.02 but required for the use case where you use create entry to create ticket.

          3) the problem with missing data in stub form is that the ticket status update is not synchronized to stub form. If you want to have this you have two options:

               a. you update the workflow in itsm that the update of stub form will not search ticket number but requestid

               b. or you will extend your workflow in DWP Catalog and update the entry in stub form from there to have all data inside and then you get the ticket status update automatically


          Still one disadvantage - in DWPC Service Requests list the service request has empty activity list. so the ticket created like this is not really connected/related to the DWPC Request.



          have fun