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    Smart IT for Customers

    Andy Rogers
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      Hi All,


      The company i work for have a lot of contracts that support external customers at a Service Desk to Service Desk level. With our old Remedy 7 system we had built a portal that allowed a 3rd Party user to access and view all tickets for a specific company and view certain updates and fields. We were hoping that Smart IT would provide similar functionality within Remedy 9, but it feels like an internal facing only tool. Digital Workplace is too focused on the individual, and too simple.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to construct data/groups/views etc within Smart IT to allow it function as a customer portal? Or how to enable Digital Workplace to view more than just "my" tickets? Or are there any third party solutions which plug the gap?

      Any suggestions welcome!




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          Carl Wilson


          this topic has been raised a few times (and very recently).

          There is no way to use SmartIT as a customer facing Portal without a license implication. 

          The EULA changed a few years back (as I found out researching the same thing for a customer) which means that there is no such thing as a "free" license anymore and even Read licenses have changed in their approach to applications.

          There are some ideas floating around on how to enhance DWP for this, the gap is closing in the latest version but don't think it is quite all there yet.


          BMC do have an "overview" type screen that I have seen, it gives a basic overview of tickets for a customer but it is not available in the OOB SmartIT.  I hope they decide to port this at some stage.


          At this stage, you would need to create a custom portal for this information to be viewed (and ensure this complies with the current EULA and licensing constraints)




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            Andy Rogers

            Thanks Carl, that's where i'm up to as well. We have the Service Provider clause in our license agreement which is what i believe you are referring to.

            Any ideas where the Overview screen sits? I assume its within Classic ITSM? It might give us a starting point.


            Are you aware of any third party solutions? I found a product offered by KTSL that is a starting point (it needed work to expand out to cover the full ITIL scope), but have drawn a blank with web searches on the topic.




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              Carl Wilson

              Hi Andy,

              I saw the screen as an addition to MyIT/SmartIT when it was still combined, so not sure where it would sit now.

              We did approach BMC about porting it, but that request faded away when the customer decided to go to another product due to the licensing for SmartIT to the end customer.

              It was a a basic screen with the ticket numbers, summary and last update from memory.




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                Andy Rogers

                Ok, thanks for the update. I'm currently looking at potential SharePoint integration which might resolve a multitude of requirements including a mobile engineering interface.


                This looks interesting;

                ShareRemedy – KTSL