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    BMC SCOM Adapter

    Stefan Telley
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      Hello Everybody,


      I have a new question.Maybe someone can help me...


      Our customer is using today the Seamless adapter from AVNet to get Events from SCOM. This is working or less as it should do.. Now the customer wanna use the ServiceModel Part of TrueSight. So Actually I try to find out, which slots I can use to set into CI_Alias to identify the CI.... It is not easy...


      For Discovery they use ADDM 11.3. There are some Rules in ADDM, which do changing Data that will be written into the BMC.Asset. My Problem now is, that most Parameters that will be "normalized" on ADDM are Product Names. So these Names do not match on ADDM and SCOM.


      So I did some research and found the BMC SCOM Adapter. Is this the Seamless Integration or is this something from BMC?


      If it is something from BMC.... do I need an additional License for it?  On the their documentation there is a picture which shows, that the systems which the SCOM Adapter finds, that we can define a CI Alias.. Is this field use to find the exact CI from the CMDB? An if it is, is this available for all CI's on SCOM? I mean not only for the Server, but also the installed products etc....?



      Thanks Yours Stefan

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          Brian Morris

          Hey Stefan,


          I'm not sure about licensing, but regarding the normalization issue you see where the values in SCOM don't match ADDM - You can set up normalization jobs for both BMC.ADDM and your SCOM dataset so that the product names will match. Your normalization aliases will apply to both datasets, you just need to create the normalization job for each dataset.