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    Help needed with error in Spoon (Replace In String) "The Location Information is not valid..."

    Warren Spear
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      Good Afternoon Group;

      I was wondering if anyone could help me with an error I am receiving when running a transformation. The transformation basically picks up data from the BMC-CI-express template and imports to CMDB. In my data/spreadsheet I have a field called Region. The field contains the word "House". However, when I receive the file from my users the word/string "House" is often misspelled like "Hose", "Hse" ,"Housee" or any other misspelling that users can come up with. So I added a Replace In String step that searches the Region column for "h" and when found will replace that with "House". For some reason the replace dose not work unless there is an exact match. So if Region column just says "h" then the replace works and updates the Region column to "House". I was expecting the search to look for a leading "h" + any characters after, and  when found turn "h" into "House". Instead, since I'm trying to pass and invalid value for region ("h"), I'm getting the below error. What am I doing wrong . I am attaching a screenshot of the Replace In String step.


      CMDBOutput.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2018-05-15 17.10.07 by buildadm) : CMDB API Error:44897:ERROR (44897): ; The Location Information is not valid.  Please use the menus provided on the 'Region', 'Site Group' and 'Site' fields or the type ahead return function on the 'Site' field to select this information.