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    Mainview AO V8.2 - Target-field is empty

    Thomas Reinhard
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      Hello at all,


      i have the problem, that the MVAO forget the entry of the targetfield after exit of it.

      If i start again the MVAO, the TGT-Field is empty.


      BMC Software  ---------------- Status/Exception -----------   IMS SCD NOT FOUND

      COMMAND ===>                                                 TGT ===>

      Checkpoint >>                                               INTVL===> 3      

      IMS Status >>                                               Status--- INPUT 

      #MPPS>>    /    #Queued>>           #Processed>>             Date----- 19/09/05


      After insert manually the correct entry, esp. IMSA for IMS, it works fine and error-msg: IMS SCD NOT FOUND is deleted.

      But after exit of it an start again the access, the field is empty again.


      have anybody an idea, that the entry can save or the MVAO dont lose it?


      Thanks for help...


      Greetings Thomas

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          Gilles Robert

          Hello Thomas,


          When using full-screen mode you can set a default value for a target on a per product bases (AO, CICS, Db2 and IMS).

          This is save in your personal user .BBPROF(BBITSP00).


          Your MainView Administrator can set-up a site wide default for a new user, if this hasn't been done then your user profile has no value for a default target.


          To set yourself up from the main MainView Menu use option 0 then 2 then 1 and you will be able to do this underneath the Targets section.


          ------------------------- Terminal Session Parameters -------- Row 1 to 4 of 4
          COMMAND ===>                                      (END to save, CANCEL to exit)

            (Not applicable to Windows Mode only products)

            Primary application  ===> NONE     (AO,CICS,DB2,IMS,NONE)
            Caps                 ===> NO       (Yes or No)
            ISPF Mode            ===> YES      (Yes or No)
            Local Logging        ===> YES      (Yes or No)
            Image Logging        ===> YES      (Yes or No)
            Refresh interval     ===> 3        (1 to 99)

            Dumps                ===> YES      (Yes or No)
            Dump Class           ===> *        (Output class)

            Screen Colors        ===> AUTO     (0, 4, 7, or Auto)
            Reverse Video        ===> AUTO     (Yes, No, or Auto)
            Extended terminal    ===> AUTO     (Standard or Auto)

          ----------------------------------- Targets -----------------------------------
            Sel   Name      Type   Menu      Comments
                  *         AO
                  CAGA      CICS
                  DAGA      DB2
                  IAGAIMS   IMS
          ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************


          In the example above when one drill down to MVAO IMS the target will be pre-filled with IAGAIMS.


          The Name can be either a specific target name or * which translate to local PAS SSID that your MainView session is attached to by way of the MainView CLIST.

          One can specify only one name per product.


          Hope this help, Gilles

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            Thomas Reinhard

            Hello Gilles,


            thanks for your quick help.


            I forgot to say, that i am the Mainview-Admin. :-)

            But with your help, i have found the global settings for this.


            The global settings are located at <HLQ>.SBBPROF(BBITSP00) and is now set with:







            It works great.

            Thanks again for your help...


            Greetings Thomas