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    NextId not available in View form pointed to ARSCHEMA

    Yo Han Kim
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      Howdy all!


      In the past 7x I was able to create view forms on ARSCHEMA to search on name, schemaId, nextid, nextfieldid, etc. Just created a new view on ARSCHEMA on ARS version 1805 and there is no nextid available. I added all fields and viewed a couple records to see if it had been relabeled but did not see it. I know it still exists as I see newer documentation with reference to doing sql update to arschema to set nextid here Changing the next available ID for new requests - Documentation for BMC Remedy Action Request System 19.02 - BMC Documen…


      Does anyone know what i'm missing here? Thanks in advance!


      Screenshot of field available when creating view as you can see nextid is not listed:



      Yo Han

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