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    Extension Container in a view definition

    Alina Schatz
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      In Innovation Studio we've created a Record A and Record B. In the Case-View with data from Record A we've add an extension container with the data of Record B.


      After editing and saving a Case, the data from Record A is first stored in the database. Only after that, the data of the extension container (Record B) will be stored.

      This leads to incorrect Data, when running an Validation Process (update and create). That means when my Process has started, it runs with the „new“ data from Record A and the „old“ data from Record B.


      Is there a possibility to save the data at the same time in order to be able to execute a process with current values?




      There are some more current Problems with the extension Container:


      • In the Case-View, a button should be disabled when the current user is not the assignee. The "Current User" Key is not in the Edit Expression available and $USER$ does not work.



      • Furthermore in a Case the extension container seems to be in the foreground so that some fields from the Case View can not be reached by mouse, just with keyboard.


      • In addition to modify the View for the extension Container, there are just a few of "Record Editor Input" elements. A Button not at all...



      Thank you,


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          Laurent Matheo

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          Hi Alina, it would be helpful to have a couple of screen captures so we can try to reproduce your issues since you have several, I will try to separate your issues.



          I) Running validation when using an extension container:

          So you have a view (VA) with a record editor A and inside an extension container.

          Then you have another view (VB) extending VA with a record editor B.

          When you are in VA and you save the record instance A you trigger a rule you created (?) that is triggered on Update and Create. Though it fires immediately before the data on VB is saved (record instance B).

          Is that correct?

          I think we talked about this with Robert Curlee, to have a trigger "after create of association" but I don't think we have this yet.

          A couple of suggestions here. Can you try to:

          • Use "AFTER CREATE" / "AFTER UPDATE" and see if it changes something?
          • Or try to trigger the rule when record instance B is saved rather than A. From B you can follow up the association you defined between records A and B to find the A parent and do your checks.



          II) Current User:

          Don't get me started on this... It has been a while I want to see it and it is not everywhere yet Robert Curlee.

          There is a "workaround" that we use. You could create a view component to get the value (but that would mean code) or you can have a field that has as default value the $USER$:

          Re: Action "Set Property": set the current user



          III) Foreground forcing keyboard navigation:

          Could you show a screenshot?



          IV) Missing objects in the extension view:

          So I guess what you would like to see if to have more objects available in this extended view? Like buttons etc...?

          The idea behind extended view is that they are "just" here for you to enter data.

          What would you like to do with the button? Change / set a value for example?

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