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    Time Zones and Work Schedules and On Call

    IS Support
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      We have sites in 3 different locations around the US.

      1. Eastern Time Zone

      2. Mountain Time Zone

      3. Pacific Time Zone


      The Help Desk is open from 8 am Eastern Time Zone to 5 pm Pacific Time zone or really 5 am PST-5 pm PST.  My thought is I need to make a set of different work schedules for staff as a solution..


      I get that I can set each technician to there proper time zone.  What I am snagged up on is the following we have a on call rotation that changes each week with the staff from the different time zones.  We are planning to have some business rules execute on the work schedule here is the tricky part.  On call starts at 5 pm PST does not matter if you are on the east coast or mid-west. 


      As an example

      East Coast On Call

      8 pm EDT to 8 am EDT


      6 pm MDT to 6 am MDT


      5 pm PDT to 5 am PDT


      The business rule would need to be updated each week to reflect the proper work schedule to fire off to send notifications to the on call staff.  Now we have debated on this at to either create a generic account for on call and when the next person is on call the notification and schedule would need to be updated.  Trying to get the best practice here on what the best approach would be for our on call.  I do not want our team blasted with emails after hours.  Only the on call would get the notifications.  My thought it 1 rule and each week we edit the schedule to change the work schedule and change who gets notification.  

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          Cris Coffey

          I have been thinking about this for a few days and I am still a little unsure of the scenario but I think I understand. Instead of having one 8am-8pm schedule and then just different people in different time zones, you actually have 3 completely different work schedules, one for each timezone. Is that correct?  If so, then the normal daytime shifts must be 5am-5pm in Pacific, 6am to 6pm in Mountain and 8am to 8pm in Eastern. If all that is true, I think you will need to make 6 work schedules. Three daytime ones and three on call ones. Basically 2 for each timezone. Then swap them back and forth between on call and daytime each week. I am still going to think about this a bit more but it is a complicated setup because of the way the shifts work. If every time zone worked daytime 8am-8pm and on call 8pm-8am then you would have 2 work schedules and 3 time zones but the way the shifts work in this case, you have 6 schedules and 3 time zones.

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            IS Support

            Hi Chris,


            We went to 2 work schedules for this action.


            1. Normal business hours Eastern time 8am -8pm

            2. On call schedule is 8pm-8 am Eastern time.

            I was told by support to set my work schedules for each rule and make sure to set the time zone to Eastern to match.  Then we are covered in the above scenario.  I have been testing the rules and they seem to fire fine.  Typically our users email there requests into the help desk so we are working towards less emails.  





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              Cris Coffey

              That's a great way to it since the on call hours are always the same no matter what the time zone.

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                IS Support

                So I have the work schedules working however, I would expect when a new email comes into the system the rule would fire on the active rule.


                So I have 2 rules


                1. Rule 1 create ticket with any subject value ( the rule is set to time zone EST, and set to Business hours)

                2. Rule 2 create ticket with any subject value (the rule is set to time zone  EST, and set to ON Call hours)


                What I am seeing is both rules fire off.  Rule 1 fires off right away.  Rule 2 fires off at the start of the new Business hours for after hours.  This logic does not seem right to me.  If rule 1 read the logic of create the ticket first why would Rule 2 be active if the On call schedule is not even active right now.


                Is there a better way of handling what I am trying to achieve

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                  Cris Coffey

                  You probably need to add more criteria to your rules so they don’t both fire. What is the criteria specified right now for each one?  OR you could have 1 rule that creates the tickets via email and a 2nd and/or 3rd rule that evaluates them and does the assignments.