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    Report Engine

    Saddam Banihani
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      I'm having Error while installing TrueSight Reporting Engine when try to connect to sql DB.


      I made many attempts but to no avail.


      please help me,



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          Patrick Mischler

          Hi Saddam


          Can you provide some more details? For example error messages?




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            Saddam Banihani

            Hi Patrick,


            Thank you for your concern.


            Before send the error messages to you, i want to ask about if i need DB managements (SQL server managements) on the same server that i want to installed the Report engine? i try to install Report engine on server (A) and but the DB on on different server(B) on the same vlan.


            Note: i installed Smart report on Server (C) and connected to DB on server (B).



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              Saddam Banihani

              Hi Patrick,


              The issue has been solved after recreate the DB and login user from scratch and try again.


              Note: If you used Microsoft SQL server, make sure you deleted the old DB information that located under (Instance name >>Databases >> System Databases) before rerunning the script again.





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