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    Effects of Sites removal

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi everyone,


      We had recently cleared up some Sites from SIT:Site forms.

      I have been asked to revert Business Impact of offlining related companies, so basically, to evaluate and mitigate implications of offlining the invalid Site associated Companies.


      1) The question that's lingering in my mind is - Which forms should I be looking into and what exactly should I be looking for?


      2) Some valid sites are not appearing in the drop down list. Is this because it has no Primary Alias or something else.


      3) Many enabled site groups are not valid. Ideally, there should be only 2 company sites that should be valid - XYZ and XYZ Estonia as people can only be XYZ or XYZ Estonia people and assets can only be BBC or BBC Scotland Assets  (so there is no valid use case for anything outside of this).


      We are on ROD v9.1.04


      I am quite confused as to where to begin looking. Off the cuff, I feel I need to delve into Approval Mapping and SLA but unsure where to go digging.


      Would someone guide me here?


      Any help here would be reciprocated with utmost gratitude.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered.

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          Carl Wilson


          The Primary Alias, and aliases, are not required for a Site entry so no need to worry about this however the below is true and maybe why they are not showing.

          As a Site can be associated to more than one company, you need to ensure that if you offline the Site that it does not affect other companies.

          There are a number of places that Sites can be used:


          • People Profiles
          • Templates
          • Application requests e.g. Incidents, Changes, etc.
          • Potentially Approval Mappings
          • SLA's - if using Site specific targets
          • etc.


          So you would need to be vigilant when making updates to the Sites.




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            rodrigo barcat

            Hi Edison, one example of impact is:


            When you drop a site and do not update the ticket user locale, when the solver try to update the ticket it will see an error msg, asking to update the user details.....for operation team, it is bad.


            Do the following procedures to minimize the risk in your task:


            1 - Create a site and capture the Filters and SQL logs. This gives you a more detailed view of how data is organized.

            2 - Update a person's profile, add/update a site, to also see how the data is organized.

            3 - Validate whether site data is part of the tickets (inc, chg, pbm ...) or is fetched from other related tables.

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              Edison Pioneer

              Hi Rodrigo


              Thanks for taking interest in this.


              We are on ROD so to gather logs we would have to log a ticket with BMC.


              Any other suggestion which we can enact at the configuration level?