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    Rob Gilbert
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      I'm trying to figure out when the AR_ESCALATOR moves tickets from Resolved to Closed. I can't find it in the documentation. I assume this is something that the admins configure but I'm not having any luck finding details in the documentation. We are running 8.1. Thanks

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          Sidhdesh Punaskar

          There is an escalation on incident or req Or other application which closes the requests.

          Look for escalations from developer studio for each applications.those escalations generally run every 5 mins.

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            Ankit Tiwari

            You can configure auto closure of tickets in Incident/Change Rule from Application Administration Console.




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              Stefan Hall

              Ankit ist right, you can configure it per module.


              This only makes sense if you don't use srm. In the SRM module BMC has forgotten its backend module design and hard coded it for 15 days.


              If you configure it <> 15 both tickets will diverge and you will get problems with reopen. But this is only a supplementary note.

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                Vikas Mahamuni

                Hi Rob,


                Please check the Incident Rules in the


                Application Administration Console  -- > Custom Configuration--> Incident Management --> Advance Settings



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                  Ganesh Gore

                  There is 'CFG Rules' form for each application where autoclose interval is defined. Please find below escalations responsible for autoclose:


                  Purchase Requisition: AST:AHA:AutoClose15daysAfterReceived

                  Change: CHG:CRQ:AutoSetStatusClosed

                  Incident: HPD:INC:AutoCloseResolved

                  Problem: PBM:PBI:AutoCloseCompleted

                  Known Error: PBM:PKE:AutoCloseCorrectedORNoActPlanned

                  Release: RMS:RLM:AutoSetStatusClosed

                  Service Requests: SRM:REQ:AutoClose

                  Work Orders: WOI:WOI:AutoCloseCompleted

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                    Rob Gilbert

                    Thanks you all.