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    Help needed: ERROR (380): No item matches filter conditions --

    Scott Kilgore
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      I am trying to submit a Remedy Request through the provided API and keep running into the same error, the Query works great its only when I try to submit that I get this error.



               <faultstring>ERROR (380): No item matches filter conditions --

      this operation has been defined so that "No Match" generates an error.;</faultstring>


      I have some screenshots below, of the GUI way of submitting for reference and the test submit I am trying through API.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Mark Walters

          The error is the result of a filter on the server that is being run as a result of your attempt to create a record.  There is some sort of data validation workflow being run which may be attempting to lookup data based on the information being submitted but the lookup is failing and the filter has been set to return an error when this happens.  You need to enable SQL/API/filter logging on the server and reproduce the error and then review the logs to find the filter that is throwing the error.  You should then be able understand what's wrong with the data you're sending.


          This links may be helpful A Primer on reading filter and workflow logs

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