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    Link vendor form with oracle database

    Mohammad Al Taj
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      Dear Expert,


      How I can like the vendor form with the oracle view?



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          LJ LongWing


          Vendor forms pull from ARDBC plugins....so, what I think you are actually looking for is a View form, not Vendor....and to answer that question, you'll need to be able to connect your Remedy DB to the destination Oracle system (work with your dba)...then you can create the View form linking to the remote db/table.

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            Vikas Mahamuni



            You can define the similar oracle view creating the View Form.


            • View form—A form that allows AR System to point to and access data in an existing database table created outside AR System. The table can be located in the same database or in any other database accessible from the current AR System database.
            • Vendor form—A form that enables AR System to access arbitrary external data sources through the use of an ARDBC (AR System Database Connectivity) plug-in. This type of form provides for easy integration with external data without replicating the data. Note: You need to configure ARDBC Plugin to use the Vendor Forms in LDAP Integration.