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    Attaching emails

    Russell Arrington
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      We have a few users who will click and drag an email from their Lotus Notes client to the attachment tab in Track-It! 20.19. It seems to work just ok if you do this with IE or Firefox, but Chrome will not allow you to drag and attach an email.


      is there some setting or known issue with doing this in chrome?


      Also is there a trick to getting it to open the attached email in the local client in Windows 10?



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          Cris Coffey

          Sounds like they discovered a feature. This was initially designed to drag and drop file attachments from the local operating system. Dragging artifacts from an email application directly into a browser tab normally results in odd and unreliable behavior so I don’t think this was an intended function. The fact that it works in 2 browsers is interesting. Perhaps IE and Firefox tie into the OS more in order to allow that file to transfer across without a step in between like dropping on the desktop. I am honestly not sure.

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