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    AI Log Retention Period

    Mike White
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      Okay so OOTB AI Jobs appear to retain the logs indefinitely although there is a per Job/Transformation option to set this to a specified number of days.


      The problem is since this has been done (set to 1 day) on a selection of AI Jobs that run repeatedly throughout the day  that all AI logs now appear to be getting deleted after 1 day even if they are set individually to say 30 days

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          Matt Laurenceau

          Mike, your post fell thru the net.


          Making sure Community Members understand, does "AI" stand for:

          • Active link? (since you posted in AR System community)
          • Atrium Integrator? (since you talk about a job, it may be a CMDB question)
          • Artificial Intelligence? (no sure if cognitive services have a log, and it's name)
          • Other?
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            Ganesh Gore

            I believe, He is talking about Atrium Integrator and this should come under CMDB community.


            Mike White, If this is regarding Atrium Integrator then you should check OOTB log forms:


            Job: UDM:JobLog  and  UDM:JobEntryLog

            Transformation: UDM:TransformationLog


            if log settings are not defined in any job/transformation then you can update it under log settings (Right click -> Settings).

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              Mike White

              Matt Laurenceau   Ganesh Gore


              I am indeed referring to Atrium Integrator however it is not specifically related to CMDB as we are using it for a number of other activities unrelated to CMDB as well (my understanding is that AI is not CMDB specific anyways).


              The issue is up until we started adding shorter retention periods to specific jobs all the logs were being kept indefinitely. Since setting some to 1 day they all seem to get deleted after 1 day even if you then go and specifically set them to a longer period


              NB we do have a ticket open with ROD (we are on hosted) for some time now (currently back with R&D I think it is) but I was wondering if anyone in the wider community had experienced the same issue.

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                Ganesh Gore

                Can you post the screenshot of the log settings of specific job?