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    smart report

    Saddam Banihani
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      Hi everyone,


      For installing TrueSight smart reporting, i downloaded the following setup files:





      is it possible to install the two files on the same machine?





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          Seth Paskin

          Thad White any idea?

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            Thad White


            I am not familiar with the name of the downloaded file for #1 in your list.  A typical deployment of components would be across 3 servers.


            Server 1 = TSIM

            Server 2 = TrueSight Smart Reporting Server

            Server 3 - TrueSight Reporting Engine and Database

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              Saddam Banihani

              Hi Seth Paskin and  Thad White ,


              Thank you for concern.


              I installed the smart reporting on TruSight infrastructure managements system and it is Working fine.


              For more clarification:


              In our environment, we used 5 servers for TSIM & TSSR , as following:


              server 1  ===> for RSSO $ TSPS

              Server 2 ===> for TSIM

              Server 3 ===> for smart reporting  (TrueSight-SmartReporting-11-3-01)

              Server 4 ===>for report Engine (BMC_TrueSight_Infra_Mgmt_11.3.01_Reporting_Windows)

              Server 5 ===>for Data Base


              Kindly note: smart reporting & report Engine connected  to the same instance ,BUT using different DB and different  users.