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    adding static service to Dashlete Truesight

    Mohammad Rababah
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      why I am not able to add static service to dashlete in Truesight. Every time I add a service and apply, It disappear.

      TrueSigt 11.3



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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Mohammad, I did find an open Support Case for this question, thank you for opening one. We do have an open defect for this issue - Defect DRTSO-49972 Operators group having issues on Dashboard when adding Dashlet based on services. The workaround is as follows:

          Go to Authorization Profile page -> Edit IT Operations User
          ->Click on Associated Objects action menu --> click on Edit ->
          Unselect "Select All" check box -> Save.

          So we need to add every single Service in the objects in the dashlet.

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