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    Help organizing my grid

    Chris Webb
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      When trying to organize my grid, I can't figure out how to view and group multiple technicians. For example, I want to see the tickets in my queue and the shared Network Group queue, but I only want to see open tickets, and I want to keep them separated into distinct groups that I can expand or collapse (in the end, I'll need to view about 10 different technicians). When I try to set it up, I can't figure out how to filter out closed and completed tickets.


      I've got my filter set up as: Inactive equals False, AND Status equals O, AND Assigned to Technician equals {Current User}, OR Assigned to Technician equals "NGROUP17". The problem with that filter is that it shows me Closed tickets for NGROUP17. If I change it to an AND filter, then all tickets are filtered out.