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    How to track license usage for Read license

    Marcia Nemalili
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      Good Day,


      I am trying to track users who logs into the system with Read license. I looked at the Current Usage and Historical usage form, but it does not keep track of read only Floating and Fixed. Is there any other way of getting this information? I tried enabling the User logs writing to the AR System Log: User form, but this form is growing so fast of which it's worrying that it might impact performance.


      Any suggestions?




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          Abhishek Shrivastava

          You can check that in License Review form [BMC Remedy AR System Admin console --> Application --> Users/Groups/Roles --> License Review].

          if having server group environment than go and check in-

          [ Remedy Management console --> AR System Server Group console -->Manage User Licenses].


          you should able to see entry of all current users with Read License.


          But yes Historical data of Read User Licenses you will not able to see.

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