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    Enabling Queues and Staff Members - Which QuickViews must be modified?

    ios man
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      When enabling assignment of Records to Both Queues and Staff Members, multiple documents make it ambiguous as to whether to review/modify

      • all QuickViews
      • just "custom" Quickviews (as the OOTB QuickViews can't be edited)
      • all QuickViews for where the Owner_ID  is in use, meaning it likely needs extension to the queue membership (aka Staff field).


      1. Does it need to be considered for "all" custom QuickViews, shared or personal (aka, My QuickViews)?  I assume (but that can be problematic) yes
      2. Do OOTB QuickViews ever need to be considered, or will that occur as part of enabling Queues and Staff Members?
      3. Is it a fair assumption that if an existing QuickView does NOT refer to Owner ID, that there is no need to update it?