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    Accessing OSGI console

    Thad Esser
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      I was working through the troubleshooting guide, DWP Catalog Troubleshooting , trying to get more familiar with the guts of DWP Catalog.  The part about accessing the OSGI console says to telnet to the localhost on port 12666.  Telnet isn't an option for us, so I tried ssh (ssh localhost -p 12666) and that seems to work, but all I get is the cursor staring back at me.  No command prompt as shown in the docs, no error message, nothing.  If I type, it's echoed back onto the screen, but otherwise there's no response.  I verified the OSGI settings in config.properties match what is in the troubleshooting guide.  In the screenshot below, I typed the "ss" and the "help", but there was no response.  It does let me ctrl-c out of it.


      What am I doing wrong?