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    Possibility of reassigning approvers of any SR without seeing all of them in "Manage approvals"

    Roberta Alice
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      Good afternoon,

      I would like to know if it was possible to enable a user for the reassignment of the approvers of any service requests (in the Remedyforce Console), not only his own but also those of the other users, without seeing all the requests in "Self Service - Manage approvals" but only his.


      Let me explain: in the profile settings I can put the flag on "modify all" in "incident", in this way it would have the possibility to reassign all the service requests, solving the first part of the problem. However, in "Manage approvals" user would see all of the requests, not just his own.

      Is it possible to solve the problem in any way?

      Thank you for your availability.



      Francesca Priante

      Giuseppe Ruvolo