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    Patrol Central Operator console unable to connect to Patrol Agent V11.3.02

    Colin Keeley
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      I have successfully installed Patrol Agent V11.3.02 on a Linux server. The agent is running OK and collecting fine.


      However, despite all post install steps having been run successfully the PCO console fails to connect to the agent with error message "Failed to authenticate user"


      I have ran the following on the agent


      sudo /opt/patrol/Patrol3/set_default_account.sh


      sudo /opt/patrol/Patrol3/agent_configure.sh –d


      sudo /opt/patrol/Patrol3/b1config9500.sh


      sudo /opt/patrol/Patrol3/patrolrc.sh


      sudo /opt/patrol/bin/correct_perms.sh


      sudo /opt/patrol/common/security/config_v3.0/sec_configure.sh /opt/patrol/Patrol3 0


      I have ensured PatrolAgent is properly 'stickied'. The alias is set correctly on the PCO console.


      Does anyone have any experience of this and how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance.