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    Which logfile is used for info messages in ORACLE.ENTERPRISEMANAGER TPL?

    Riaan Muller
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      Please tell me which logfile will i see debug INFO messages in if I put in debug messages on the Oracle.EnterpriseManager TPL?


      I tried to search for it in the tw_svc_discovery logfile but see none of the debug messages in there.


      I created them as DEBUG.INFO messages in the script, and on Appliance control my level is set to INFO.


      Which logfile will contain those messages?

      We need to debug additional regex expressions we put in to cater for the wrong OEM Version info returned when the OEM Upgrade is installed inside the 'old' directory - ie ORACLE_HOME is  /opt/apps/oracle/agent12c/agent_13. - Discovery reflects the OEM version as 12C, while in fact it should be 13.2.